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Kajon Inc.

Kajon Inc. specializes in taxi and minibus transportation since 1997. Kajon employs
22 persons. Our fleet is new and also suitable for representative transporting. Our
activities expanded also to car renting and bus transportation in 2003. The company
has 12 vehicles in action.

Our company has strong relations to both customers and partners. For transportation
needs all you have to do is call once - we shall take care of the rest. If our own fleet
is busy, we'll organize another comparable vehicle. Our customer knows the price
while placing the order. The price may only change, if the duration or route is changed due to changed plans of the customer.

Our uniform, businesslike, clean appearance and recognizable presentation of our
vehicles and drivers is an advantage especially for demanding representative commisions. This visibility aids also in airport pick-ups and mass events. Additionally, we often use a name sign.

Our specialities are group transportation and full service including added value services such as coffee for meetings and other catering. Our focus will also include international business traveling and inva transporting.

Kajon Inc. is strongly growing. In 2004 the company had a 100 % increase in sales. The
largest individual income came from our core competence and the largest fixed cost was personnel training.

The action plan of Kajon Inc. during 2005-2006 includes further strengthening relations to existing partners, finding and creating new co-operation and contacts. Also, appearance, reliablility and making us known requires continuing efforts especially with our new partners.v

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