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Order taxi by calling.

Call 0100 7070

We haven't forgot traditional order method as we offer our services by calling to our number +3581007070 (1,93€/min+pvm), where you can order taxi, minivan or minibus without smart phone.

Order taxi with order form.

Order Form

You can order taxi, minivan or minibus with our easy, fast and handy order form through our website.

Order taxi with application.

Download App

We have published our Kajon taxi order application to Google Play and App Store. With application, you can easily order a taxi anytime and anywhere you want.

Service Areas

Kajon offers taxi services at service areas 24 hours a day at seven days a week. We are rapidly expanding all over Finland. 

Now we are offering our services at listed areas.

  • Helsinki

  • Espoo

  • Vantaa

  • Tampere

  • Turku

  • Lappeenranta

  • Mikkeli

  • Savonlinna


Taxi ride prices will form from starting fare, minute fare and kilometer fare. Prices are same 24/7. Extra services will be charged according to full price table. Underlying prices are for 1-8 person taxi orders.

Starting Fare


Travel Fare Per Minute


Travel Fare Per KM

1-4 Persons 0,89€/km
5-8 Persons 1,39€/km

Pre-Order Fee

1-4 Persons 7€
5-8 Persons 12€


Payment Methods

You can pay transportation with cash, debit-/credit card or with Kajon taxi order app. If you need company billing, please contact sales service.

Takseissamme pystyy maksamaan seuraavilla maksukorteilla.

Kajon logo musta


Palvelulupauksemme on luotettavasti ja turvallisesti perille!

Kajon on suurin suomalainen yksityinen taksi- ja tilausajopalveluyritys, joka tarjoaa valtakunnallisesti tasokkaita taksi- ja tilausajopalveluita yrityksille, yksityishenkilöille, kaupungeille ja kunnille.

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